Sounds straight from heaven ... The Quantum Bird Whistle is a never-before-sampled instrument transformed into a quantum sphere that creates ever-evolving pads, textures, soundscapes, drones and pulses with just a few notes. Use Quantum Bird Whistle anywhere, from adding a unique touch to an existing score or track to making it the focal point of your next masterpiece. Quantum Bird Whistle will never go static and will continue to create an ambient soundscape full of depth and movement. We achieve this during the sampling and morphing process, and our engine gives you unprecedented control over the shaping of the source material as you wish. Effects: Reverb Delay to Tempo Sync Option Chorus Distortion with QLINK Option Saturation with QLINK Option LoFi with QLINK Option Ribbon Saturation with QLINK Option

Magnet Link File Size 1.06 GB