Lightweight" version of the Audio Imperia - Areia library, in which the most basic instruments are carefully selected. Areia Lite Edition is an incredibly expressive stringed ensemble instrument for Kontakt with full NKS integration. A serious powerhouse that sets a new standard for string libraries. A true workhorse design tool. Both Areia Lite Edition and Areia Full Edition share the same lush Hollywood sound that takes you from gentle and mellow to aggressive and epic. Areia Lite Edition gives you everything you need to write exciting string arrangements that shine with detailed, realistic sound. Completing Your Collection - Areia completes what we started at Jaeger and Nucleus with two of our award-winning flagship products. It adds over 10 new articulations to expand your palette of string sounds for maximum expression. Recorded at Capellen Music Production- A great array of string players, incredibly balanced space, state-of-the-art equipment and an exceptional team of sound engineers. Put it all together for an authentic Hollywood sound. Excellence in Technique - High quality standards are at the core of our philosophy. All of our sample libraries are meticulously crafted and each sample is treated like a jewel: carefully polished to reveal its full shine. This ensures smooth music playback. Carefully synchronized sample triggers ensure playback never gets out of sync while providing maximum realism. Simple, well thought-out interface- We like simple but effective things. Countless hours have been spent creating one of the easiest-to-use interfaces in the industry. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, we have you covered. Realistic Con sordino - Nothing compares to the nuances and subtleties of real Con sordino samples. The con sordino was recorded to sustain all instrumental sections in three dynamic modes, vibrato and non-vibrato. In addition, an emulated conordino is available for the rest of the articulations. Phrasal spiccato - Nothing beats a stream of realistic spiccato phrases. To do this, we recorded phrases, and then built multisamples from them. The result: the most realistic and playable spiccato you'll ever play.

Audio Imperia - Areia Lite Edition (KONTAKT)
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