The Vaporizer2 synthesizer offers impressive possibilities.
Vast Dynamics has released the Vaporizer2, a hybrid wavetable synthesizer. The developers promise that the tool has powerful capabilities and is not demanding on the computer processor, even in cases where hundreds of oscillators are working simultaneously.
The Vaporizer2 combines an additive/subtractive wavetable synthesizer and a sampler, and can operate in both polyphonic and mono modes. The synthesis engine offers four independent oscillator stacks of 6 each. The signal of the oscillators can be freely routed, and they themselves can be interconnected - if desired, the user can make 24 oscillators sound in unison.
The engine allows you to freely edit frequencies, draw your own waves and bind their work to the grid. At the same time, users can download tables from other synthesizers, for example, Xfer Serum and Icarus. The synthesizer is equipped with a filter section consisting of more than 30 types of processing: FM, PWM, Harmonic Morphed/Reduced, Low Pass/High Pass/Band Pass/Comb/Formant and so on.
The effects section consists of reverb, delay, EQ, chorus, flanger, compressor, bit crusher, limiter, phaser, combo filter. Additionally, the synthesizer has three LFOs, an envelope section, a built-in arpeggiator, three step sequencers with synchronization of working parameters with a DAW. As for the sampler, it can work with audio files in .WAV, .AIF, .OGG, .MP3 formats.

VAST Dynamics - Vaporizer2 v2.5.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64
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