The movement has evolved. Introducing ELYSIUM, an inspirational synthesizer that combines tonal beats with beautiful sounds to represent the “utopia of possibilities”. With a completely new way of generating vibrant pulses, beautiful organic arpeggios, evolving pads and unique hybrid instruments, the Elysium simply cannot be replicated by any other synthesizer on the market. Motion generatorSome of the most popular synthesizers are ultimately a sound generator with features designed for patch developers, not users. Elysium is different. Discover a whole galaxy of macro controls, oscillators and fun ways to create movement, and even the simplest patches sound more lively than any other synthesizer. Elysium's groundbreaking, critically acclaimed interface has been designed to give you maximum power and flexibility with "minimum resistance". After years of careful design, Elysium expertly blends live and hybrid instruments with the most iconic synths of all time. Rich acoustic instruments- Gamelans, pianos, hammers, a beautiful string part recorded in a church in New York, and much more. Run it all through the Elysium sequencer or play it yourself. Modern Synthesizers & Bass - We sampled some of the most popular synths in history, bringing together the finest sounds for both producers and composers. Beautiful, Lush Ambience - Control hundreds of iconic synths with the Pulse-Chop-Flow engine and immerse yourself in mesmerizing pulses, sweet solos and meditative pads. Each sound source is multisampled - And more importantly, even atmospheres are blended to work from the lowest to the highest. Grab the attention of your audience with loud lows or delight them with Zen-like highs. Create Sounds and Effects - In 2015, we introduced Intelligent Randomization for the first time so you can create new patches that give you great starting points, not dead ends. In 2020, creating sounds will no longer be uncontrollably random. In the Sound Browser or Effect Pages, use the New buttons to combine thousands of handcrafted sounds and effect presets to create something completely new, unique to you, and people-approved.

Wide Blue Sound - Elysium (KONTAKT)
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