Soundscapes opens up a whole new sound palette of tonal and atonal sound design through granular synthesis. Full of interesting textures, it includes samples from violinist Michael Levine. Unlike our usual symphonic style, Soundscapes is a welcome contrast and unique partner to our CineSymphony line. The possibilities are endless. We've created a set of patches in several categories to get you started. Try a completely different sample in one of our patches and create your own! On the ENGINE page, select a sample from the 25 categories from the drop-down menus at the top. The sample is displayed in the waveform window at the top. The FX page allows you to add 8 sequential effects from left to right. You can bypass any of these without deleting it or losing your settings by pressing the red B button. To toggle the bypass of the entire effect chain, click the bypass button. You can also COPY and paste from one slot to another. REMOVE ALL FX clears all FX slots. To clear just one slot, click the effects drop-down menu and select - EMPTY -.

Cinesamples - Soundscapes (KONTAKT)
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