Bioscape - sound kinematics. Field recordings combine into a sonic kaleidoscope of emerging kinematic sounds - from pads to drones, impulses and textures - to give your production an unpolished, raw and organic dimension. Bioscape is especially suitable for game and film composers, but works very well with ambient music, music content, sound treatment, music therapy, or as a stand-alone experimental instrument. Bioscape contains hundreds of field recordings and resource sounds, from hydrophonic desert winds to abandoned factory drones, from ghostly clinking rocks to cracking ice rivers, sorted into various audio categories. Using sound material, a team of world renowned sound engineers have created over 320 presets sorted into categories from pulses to pads, textures, ASMR, drones and effects. At the heart of Bioscape's DNA is a multifaceted instrument that, on the one hand, can sound as atonal and dark as you want, and on the other, reproduce the lightest and most airy timbres. Bioscape is also one of the most extensive sample manipulation engines ever created for the Kontakt platform. Bioscape is designed in a dual-mode layout, with AB and CD layers linked, with four active layers in total. Each layer can load one of a variety of recordings and sounds from one of fifteen different categories, or you can use your own using drag and drop. Each layer has its own amp envelope and filter settings, with 24 different filters per layer. You can adjust the start and end positions of sounds by dragging the little knobs below the waveform display, and choose from a variety of play modes from forward loop to loop back, forward stop, reverse stop, and ping pong mode. In the center of the interface, you will find the Mutate function. With it, you can convert existing presets using two different types of DNA. The transformation result ranges from subtle to wild. One of the key features of Bioscape is Recording Automation, a creative tool with which you can record motion to shape the character of your sound over time. Bioscape contains four step sequencers and three LFOs. Modulation targets are selected from the quick mod on the main tab. Each two-layer AB and CD part has its own effect chain with Chorus, Phaser, Distortion, EQ, Timestop and Replika Delay effects. Reverb is a global effect.

Luftrum - Bioscape (KONTAKT)
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