Pedal organ for KONTAKT. Pedal-operated reed organs (often called pumping organs) were once the most popular instruments in the United States. Manufactured by Estey Organ since 1860, they were often housed in decorative and intricate furnishings. The organ we have recorded is a high-quality Grand Salon organ, created around the turn of the 19th century. As you would expect, both foot pedals are pressed alternately on it to force air through the reed mechanism. It takes some technique and a lot of effort to maintain a strong, even tone. We recorded Estey Organ by removing the rear panel, which produced a more direct sound and minimized significant pedal noise. We've included a separate pedal noise that can be mixed (or not) for realism. The dashboard features authentic controls for each organ stop, as well as realistic touches such as adjustable pedal sounds and clumsy keystrokes. Sound can be additionally shaped using Attack / Release controls, velocities and filters. A configurable convolutional reverb processor completes the set.

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