A modern instrument offering new versions of keyboards and pianos. He uses innovative techniques such as re-amplification, creative microphone placement, and experiments with variable speed tape. It's an extraordinary keyboard instrument: the HYBRID KEYS brings together samples from piano, synths, hammer and more, adding creative effects to create completely new sounds. Get inspired with extensive presets, then have fun creating your own hybrid instrument, mixing sounds and tweaking unique controls - add a little dirt, reverb, or go lo-fi with ribbon tones and noise. By creating unusual textures, you will find new creative ways to integrate keyboard pariahs into your mix. When inspiration comes, just play. Play Series instruments deliver superior sound quality in a user-friendly interface. Each one has a distinctive sound and character, offering a wide selection of carefully designed presets and targeted controls for changing them. Whether you are a production newbie or a seasoned pro, Play Series can inspire new tracks.

Native Instruments - Hybrid Keys 2.0.1 WIN.OSX (KONTAKT)
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