Horns Of Hell - the gates are open! Master the real power of brass. Horns Of Hell covers everything from glitter to absolute hell - all on your mod wheel! Horns Of Hell is a huge library of wind, organ and percussion instruments with a total of 67 different articulations. It has absolutely unique and stunning sections such as the mighty tenorgorn or deeply devilish plate. - 48 powerful brass patches from a huge ensemble of 20 brass instruments with 28 articulations, plus all TO articulations, 5 effect and phrase patches. - 15 different organs recorded from two different organs in the same church, from soft and soft to thunderous and majestic, plus 3 organ effect patches. - A variety of drums, deep beats, tubular bells and timpani. Naturally, it includes our highly regarded MIDI export feature. Horns Of Hell is included in "The Orchestra Complete 2" .

Sonuscore - TO - Horns Of Hell (KONTAKT)
Magnet Link File Size 4.49 GB