An incredible tool for creating amazingly beautiful, eerie and complex soundscapes. Impromptu Textural Percussions is a unique experimental instrument for Kontakt 6 with 30 individual instruments and over 5GB of samples (uncompressed). It is dedicated to creating amazingly beautiful, eerie and complex soundscapes using only percussion instruments recorded by the extraordinary percussionist Hugh Wilkinson. The ITP is a fantastic improvisation tool and makes a great addition to your acoustic arsenal. The instrument is also provided with a number of design patches using various percussion as source material. They all have incredible organic quality. The heart of the ITP is the Impromptu Engine; a system that combines loops of improvised, unsynchronized fragments with a granular synthesizer to create unique and unusual atmospheric sounds. We've recorded 3 round robins in three different layers, which you can smoothly transition between using the center control. Playing a note with the mod wheel fully down will cause a rare impromptu loop at that pitch; start moving the mod wheel up to gradually move to the middle and finally to the denser layer. Along with the Impromptu patches for Glockenspiel, Vibraphone and Crotales, we also created bonus Impromptu patches for cymbals (Chinese, 17 "and 18") and snare drum (played with both brushes and sticks): they are more experimental in nature and perhaps their not easy to use, but they can lead to some pretty interesting sounds. Crotales, cymbals, glockenspiel, vibraphone and waterphone are also available as bowed instruments. These patches are great for creating a beautiful airy vibe. We've also included 82 Snapshots to help speed up your workflow and give you a starting point to create your own incredible textures.

Zero-G - Impromptu Textural Percussions (KONTAKT)
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