The Mosaic series was conceived for the creativity of composers: each instrument has a unique set of basic elements that can be combined and applied to curvy cinematic textures. Mosaic Bass is a reimagining of synthetic bass, giving you the ability to create a dynamic bass base from a palette of inspiring sources. Combining growling synth samples with vibrant organic attacks, Mosaic Bass reimagines the possibilities of the lower register. Turn your next project upside down with over 110 different sources and endless combinations, turning synthetic bass into a complex modern musical instrument. Mosaic Keys offers a dynamic set of electric keyboard content, but the real power of the instrument comes from the exciting combinations created by blending these sources over the three channels of the Mosaic engine. Rhythmic, lyrical, different, emotional, dynamic. The possibilities are truly endless - especially since Mosaic Bass contains nearly 200 meticulously crafted Snapshots to get you started.

Heavyocity - Mosaic Bass (KONTAKT)
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