Mosaic Tape is the fourth release in the Mosaic Series virtual instruments. Mosaic Tape continues Mosaic's mission by providing a proprietary sound palette entirely built on what Heavyocity finds inspiring in the magic of antiquated analog tape. Mosaic Tape showcases the cinematic possibilities of applying creative tape processing to a variety of sources, from variations of strings and rough keyboards to percussion and vocal pads. With over 100 professionally created snapshots, Mosaic Tape can inspire: reimagining the musical effect of tape as a modern instrument of composition and sound design. The Mosaic series was conceived for the creativity of composers: each virtual instrument has a unique set of basic elements that can be combined and applied to lush cinematic textures. It's no secret that modern compositing is often centered around signature sounds and hybrid elements, and Mosaic Tape was created with this in mind - transforming these traditional sources into moving, complex textures imbued with firmness, warmth and personality.

Heavyocity - Mosaic Tape (KONTAKT)
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