The Grand S conveys the rich harmonic structure, warm tone and full resonance of a Steinway D Concert Grand Piano used on concerts and recordings of some of the world's greatest artists. It may seem like a small thing, but for experts it means the whole world. The Grand S piano was recorded with the lid open and the lid removed, as well as with separate microphones. As a result, the Session Keys Grand S comes with two completely different sets of piano samples: "Concert", which is preferred for classic recordings, and "Studio", for popular music applications. Switch between the two piano characteristics to suit your needs. This stylish pentagonal Pentamorph controller makes the Session Keys Grand S more than just a great piano. Not only is it beautifully designed, but it is also a phenomenally powerful instrument, capable of transforming all sound from ordinary piano to eerie atmosphere, from purely mechanical sounds and back again. The sound of ideas coming true: Animator offers an intuitive and inspiring way to jam from over 400 flexible piano phrases that follow your harmonies. Use the Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels to increase or decrease the difficulty and control the dynamics of your session partner. Stuck in a black hole of inspiration and need the right chord change? Complete Animator chords or riffs can be played using the pad controller or individual keys. Just set the key of your song and let Smart Chord Mode create harmonies. Intense music making classes can tire your senses. With its clean, minimalist and clean design, the Session Keys Grand S is pleasing to the eye and helps keep you cool during hot activities.

e-instruments - Session Keys Grand S v1.3 (KONTAKT) (FULL & UPDATE)
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