Propellerhead Software has introduced a Record that combines easy recording and stunning software mixing console with limitless panel for audio processing. Made for independent musicians, Propellerhead Software suggests the Record has a "million dollar recording studio feel. For guitarists, a built-in virtual POD from Line 6 that brings a wide range of high quality guitar amps and amps. Record mixer sound is modeled on SSL 9000K hardware with flexible routing. , full dynamics, equalizer, advanced effects processing and automation. Propellerheads Record is self-contained and is nothing more than a multitrack audio editor with a huge mixing console and processing2. If you already have Reason installed, the programs complement each other. In other words, you will get two programs in one interface, plus, a nice bonus - the ability to open "old" Rizon projects in full compatibility mode and with the ability to add (or record) audio tracks in them. Supports ReWire and Remote. From the pros - an infinite number of tracks, a virtual POD from Line 6 Inc. is installed for guitarists and bass players, there is the possibility of great and powerful switching of devices at your own request, ala Reason, there is also a sequencer for arranging, a mixer modeled by the legendary SSL 9000K, as well as mutual Integration of Record and Reason.

Reason Studios - Record 1.5.1 x86
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