Heavenly unearthly soundscapes of guitar for TV music and movies. Recorded at The Old Library Studios in the heart of England, this library captures powerful guitar circuitry, connected directly through analog equipment, through two amps and cabinets, creating a "washed-out" atmosphere in the studio. These four signals give the sound tremendous weight and flexibility in mixing, which means the library is combined with powerful orchestral elements as it creates modern ambient soundscapes. The core of Celestial Guitar consists of minor and major chords played by four different RRs. The harmonics have been richly sampled with five RRs harnessing the organic chaos that brings vibration and life. Curved, tapping, distorted articulations and scratches accompany key elements alongside sound design patches. Celestial Guitar is the first part of the Celestial series, a series of space-inspired libraries. Literally, the space in which each library is recorded will define the range, and therefore I seek vast, expressive and beautifully chaotic spaces to reflect the vastness and beauty of the heavenly world above us. One sound that I really liked was the large reverb in my Pod Live, which provides a great sound in Celestial Guitar. Amplified through characteristic preamps, through warm glowing tubes, and out into the studio with near and ambient microphones, the sound flourishes, adding weight and body. Combined with direct line input, you have control over the sound of your guitar, allowing you to use a variety of mixing options for different styles.

Waverunner Audio - Celestial Guitar (KONTAKT)
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