66-Tubas is the second release in our Legion series, a line of instruments designed to meet the special needs of epic cinematic music. 66-Tubas is a professional cinematic tuba. We have assembled a symphonic tuba ensemble of 66 people in our favorite modern recording hall Zlín. The ensemble was created by bringing together professional tubaists from 13 European countries. 66-Tubas contain all the standard articulations (sustain types, short notes, arcs, effects, etc.) and a large set of new articulations (dynamic waves, BPM-based ostinato, Bridge FX, etc.). There are 10 different microphones in the library, including the new Trailer Mix microphone, which offers the clearest and most aggressive microphone setup. 4 hall microphones (Mixed, Decca, Far and Wide) and 5 local microphones for more detailed sound. 66-Tubas also features a new 3D user interface with a new 4-part modulation engine and a whole dedicated BPM-based Ostinatos section.

8dio - Legion Series: 66 Tuba Ensemble (KONTAKT)
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