RealTracks replaces the MIDI track for this instrument and can be controlled in the same way as a MIDI instrument (change volume, mute, etc.). They follow the chord progression you entered, so you hear authentic sounding accompaniment or solos. RealTracks are not "samples" ... They are complete recordings ranging from 1 to 8 measures at a time, played in perfect synchronization with other tracks. Choose from pre-made Band-in-a-Box® styles or combine RealTracks instruments to create your own orchestra.

Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Windows RealTracks Sets 353 - 375 / bb2021_win_update_build842 / bandinabox_realband_2021_full / xtra_styles_1-11 / MIDIsupertracks001-031 / biab_daw_plugin.1.14.2 / hiq_instruments_sfor
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