Modernity meets antiquity: an instrument with a history spanning thousands of years is combined with 21st century technology. WA Kalimba - Also known as the Mbira or thumb piano, this instrument has its roots in African music, and ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracy brought the instrument to foreign countries in the 20th century. To add a unique and modern vibe, we took a sample of Hugh Tracy's Kalimba with a pin (a more traditional style where the pin is used on metal tongues), a finger (where the fingertip is used without a pin, resulting in a slightly softer attack.) And an incredible Kalimba sound. played by rubber. The result is a soft, rounded sound. All of these samples were then used to create mini-performances through a chain of external equipment to create moods, consisting of micro loops, textures and sound quirks.

Waverunner Audio - Kalimba (KONTAKT)
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