A grand piano performed with cymbal hammers, sampled with incredible detail in the atmosphere of a modern concert hall. Dulciano is a grand piano played with dulcimer hammers. This unique hybrid instrument reproduces a tone similar to a dulcimer or cymbals, but longer strings and a larger piano deck give the instrument a richer tone and longer sustain. The instrument also has a much wider playing range than standard dulcimers or cymbals (A0 to E6). As with all of our libraries, the goal of this tool was to make the game as easy as possible. We've captured a lot of velocity controlled dynamics. The highest velocities trigger short single shots, an articulation commonly used in cymbal music. Continuous continuous rolls are triggered by raising the mod wheel or by keyboard aftertouch Dulciano was recorded in a modern concert hall (in the same hall as many of our other libraries) and includes three configurable mic positions, giving you more flexibility in placing the instrument in your mix. The near mics are almost completely dry, providing an intimate studio sound when solo. Far mics have just the right amount of ambience for distant, surround sound without reverberation. The perspective slider below the mixer allows you to easily navigate between the near and far mix. We've also included a built-in convolutional reverb offering even more control over the amount of space in the mix.

Fracture Sounds - Dulciano (KONTAKT)
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