Unique, inspiring sounds from an Oscar-nominated composer This versatile toolkit was co-developed with Oscar-nominated world renowned composer and sound engineer Volker Bertelmann (Haionchka (Lion, Adrift)) to bring incredible depth, intensity and texture to your notes. Discover unique soundscapes ranging from industrial-sounding percussion beats and thunderous bass to quirky, atonal plakas and beautiful, shimmering pads. Played on the epic Steinway with over 40 experimental preparations and expert multisampling at the legendary Berlin-based Voxton Studios, we have transformed Hauschka's signature sound palette into an interactive and inspiring instrument ready to showcase your own creative ideas. Featured in our sophisticated Evo Grid and Mercury synthesizers, Our collective goal was to capture the world of sound and the creative spirit of a true innovator, based on Volker Bertelmann's 30 years of experience as a pianist and Oscar-nominated composer. With Spitfire's sampling experience, the best recording equipment and the groundbreaking Evo Grid technology, we give you access to a unique set of cutting edge sounds designed and designed for sound engineers, allowing you to create your own new instruments. Hauschka's vision was to give someone the opportunity to collaborate with him and his ideas: “Creative exchange is essential. If you don't have one as an artist, you find yourself in a very boring place. I always try to work with people who take me to new territories. " Berlin's legendary Vox Ton Studios (where we recorded our famous Olafur Arnalds Evolutions library) is the recording location for some of Europe's most famous composers, from Johann Johannsson to Dustin O'Halloran. Each sound was professionally recorded by the Spitfire team led by producer Harry Wilson, with Vox Ton engineer and longtime Hauschka employee Francesco Donadello, who was instrumental in setting up each sound. Although performed on a traditional Steinway D grand piano, most of the sounds are far from the original instrument.

Spitfire Audio - Hauschka Composer Toolkit (KONTAKT)
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