A smart drum sampler machine that will change the way you use samples and create beats. All samples are organized in one place with assignment maps based on style and character. Find inspiration by creating drum kits using your own samples. Speed ​​up your workflow using drag and drop to any application. MIDI Mapping : Find the perfect sample faster. Atlas can find and categorize every drum sound on your computer and create an assignment map that you can scroll and scale with all your samples in one place. Instant Drumkit Creation : Find randomization inspiration. One click and Atlas selects 8 samples. Lock or drag them individually. Change your audio settings using the combined controls. Drag & Drop : Drag and drop samples from Atlas into your favorite sampler / sequencer for even more control. Atlas can be used as a browser replacement for your existing workflow. Set of MIDI clips: Create inspiring drums in seconds by dragging and dropping included MIDI patterns from Atlas into your DAW and MIDI will trigger a drum kit. Click New Kit to instantly create drum loops. Like / Dislike : The more you use Atlas, the more he gets to know you. Since samples may or may not be liked, Atlas will learn the types of samples you prefer and help you hone your sound. Analyze your own samples : Analyze any of your own samples, regardless of their size. Create separate maps for genre, brand, style and organize your samples. The analysis takes place locally, not in the cloud.

Algonaut - Atlas 2 0 2 VSTi, VSTi3 x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)
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