Le Skank is a unique reggae-style guitar instrument for Kontakt. You can play any style of indigenous music, from old school reggae to modern dub. Easy to use yet powerful. Le Skank is a powerful reggae guitar instrument for Kontakt, designed to give you the real sound of reggae rhythm guitar. Includes multisampled guitar chords and a unique skankin engine specially designed for maximum flexibility. In reggae music, the rhythm guitar is usually played in the original song. Chords are usually muted after hitting to create a short percussive sound that is difficult to get with classic virtual guitar instruments. With this instrument, you have nothing to worry about anymore: you will get the RIGHT SOUND and ANY chord you want! Tired of spending hours looking for the right reggae guitar loop to match your song? Me too. I started doing reggae and dub music a few years ago and was disappointed to see that there was no VST to get that particular sound ... I decided to create one. I sampled the guitar with separate pickups to get consistent samples. And here it is: a library for all reggae and dub producers! You can go from old school reggae and ska music to modern dub and electro sound. It also works great with HipHop & Trap.

SoundFingers - Le Skank (KONTAKT)
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