SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS - WOODWIND offers a compact library with an optimized selection of basic articulations. While this limited feature set can offer very realistic results, it is ideal for pop and electronic music producers due to its speed, simplicity, and less storage requirements. Experienced soloists play concert flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, tenor saxophone and contrabassoon, each of which is a separate KONTAKT instrument. 42 articulations, including special effects, and true and simulated legato provide expressive and natural playing, while up to eight RRs, multiple dynamic layers and four mic layers give complete control over the character of the mix and convey the uniqueness of the recording location. Section of 36 woodwind instruments and top soloists, recorded in the unique acoustic environment of Montclair Presbyterian Church, Auckland. The portfolio combines classic woodwind with modern saxophone, offering vibrant dynamic recordings for traditional and modern scoring. With recorded arpeggios, true legato and up to 462 articulations, WOODWIND provides a huge array of instruments. The ENSEMBLE and SOLO sections are presented as separate KONTAKT libraries, allowing for detailed and realistic mixing of both grouped sections and soloists.

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