Nicely played clean and textured violin bowed instrument with synchronized BPM-based modulation wheel speed control - play a note and move modulation wheel to move the bow faster or slower. Press on the keyboard to increase the volume controlled by aftertouch. STRINGPOOL's development process meant that violin virtuoso Sofia Bartlett had to undergo many agonizing days of excruciating sampling. While I calmly sipped my coffee, Sofia spent hours beautifully extracting lyric notes with a long bow from her 200-year-old instrument. Four different velocities with a vibrato tinge are recorded for each note. She sincerely suffered for our art. From these hours of recordings, I created hundreds of seamless, clean loops and an alternative set of “processed” samples, distorted by tape and lamps. Then it was all packaged into a comprehensive Kontakt engine with a simple interface and a wealth of expressive possibilities.

sound-dust - STRING POOL (KONTAKT)
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