Introducing Xtyles. Combinator of rhythms and loops. In a generation of producers who use loops extensively in their music, there may be a feeling of producing obsolete products. Musical loops can be offset in height or stretched in time, but they cannot follow your music. Your music will end up following the loops. You can cut, connect, distort, edit loops to make them kind of unique, but repetition of loops makes the music less original, interesting and exciting. Welcome to Xtyles! ... With features that allow loops to follow your music and bring life and movement to your songs and compositions. Xtyles is indeed a set of loops, but these loops can be switched from major to minor and vice versa. They can not only be stretched in time and edited, but all this happens on the fly, as a result of pressing a button or key, an improvisation command or a complete rework of a performance. Xtyles has 8 layers of loops that can be randomized at the beat level. Prepared in major and minor versions, these loops will follow your composition, with melody, rhythm and sound improvisation to bring your track to life. Xtyles generates combinations of loops according to 8 predefined "Xtyles" or to your liking, which can be saved in 4 user "Xtyles". The user can instantly recall up to 8 “scenes” that include combinations of loops and sound selections to create evolving arrangements ideal for any song structure. Color-coded rocker switches make it easy to trigger each loop and change the key and mode (Major, Minor) for each loop, even within a beat. The user can also control the "improvisation" by pressing a key or completely change the scene with new combinations of loops.

Audiofier - Xtyles (KONTAKT)
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