Symphonic percussion. ACCURACY AND FIT : With a wide range of classic and exotic percussion instruments, varied articulations and a powerful resonant skin stretched across a drum, the PERCUSSION is the ultimate orchestral rhythm instrument set. RESONANCE SIMULATION: PERCUSSION uses a unique sampling and playback system for unparalleled realism. The Drum Resonance Modeling or Skin Resonance (DHRS) intelligently switches between drumming and resonating recordings. This allows you to create round robin sets that recreate the real sound of the drums you play, customizing your style and performance. 55 INSTRUMENTS, 7 KITS : This diverse palette of percussion instruments offers symphonic classics such as timpani, snare and concert toms, as well as celeste, marimba and vibraphone, and even hand percussion such as agogo, jawbon, and pattern block (Korean bells ) and much more. Each instrument can be played individually or as one of seven kits in combination with others. A comprehensive suite of professional tools offers flexibility, versatility, and a creative workflow. With 55 separate percussion instruments, five separate microphones, onboard effects and ergonomic controls, this is the set of tools you need to cover any music production task, from film to games to studio.

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