The most expressive and detailed virtual viola available Emotional Viola is the third member of the "Emotional Strings" series by Harmonic Subtones. This long-awaited and logical addition to cello and violin is an all-round virtual instrument that is comfortable to play and of course offers many customization options. Emotional Viola not only harmonizes perfectly with cello and violin, but is also highly regarded as a solo instrument with its direct and clear sound, the variety required for extraordinary articulations, as well as real legato and iridescence.Emotional Viola is the best choice if you are looking for The perfect tool for scoring films, pop music, songwriting, classical or modern avant-garde compositions featuring viola! Context sampling- As with other instruments from the Emotional series, the Munich developers decided to stay true to their concept of contextual sampling, in which all samples are always recorded in a musical context to capture the natural performance and expressiveness of real instrumentalists. With this approach, recording real vibrato plays an important role as it is always more inspiring and organic than adding artificial vibrato. Articulations, patches, real legato- Emotional Viola was created from over 50 articulations and variations. Through a thoughtful and intelligent script, countless articulations are linked to each other so that they follow the user's style of play. The patch master contains most of the recorded articulations that are logically linked and deliver an elegantly aligned sound, thanks to the "real Legato". Three different types of transitions were captured in several sessions and simulate, among other things, realistic changes in bow direction or passionate portamento during play. The user simply controls the speed - the tempo of the pitch transitions automatically adapts to your DAW! In addition to the patch master, Emotional Viola also contains a custom patch, which is a collection of key switch patches with different articulations of the same category. such as sustaines, shorts, trills and more. The dedicated patch offers some unusual articulations and effects, and the composite patch contains basic articulations with standardized key switching to match the composite patches of the Cello & Emotional Viola libraries. Choice of Playstyles - Spiccato, Rota Spicc, Pizzicato, Fliegender Aufstrich, Delicate Phrased, Delicate Sustain, Touch Sense Espressive, Espressivo Long, Progressive Vibrato Phrased, Progressive Vibrato Long, Expressive Brahms, Brahms Long, Arpeggio Sorts, RR, Rota Vivid , Sustain Vib XFDe, Sustain Non Vib XFDe, Kernig NV Shorts, Nordic Long, Nordic Variety, Fast Lines Late Vib, Fast Lines Swelling Vib, Tremolo XFDe, Trill HT, Trill WT, Flautando, Nordic, Morbid, Harmonics, Sulponticello XFDE, Sul C, Undulation Wait.

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