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Cinesamples - Randy's Prepared Piano (KONTAKT)

Another great addition to Cinesamples' Artist Series is a library of three pianos recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage and Hollywood Scoring Studios in Los Angeles, California. It contains various advanced playing techniques used by Los Angeles music student Randy Kerber. A few years ago on The Bridge we recorded The Nami's Theme, a duet by Randy Kerberom (piano, Randy's Celeste) and Amy Tatum (flute). During one of the breaks, Randy started playing with some kind of museum putty inside the piano, giving the instrument a subtle, masked and suggestive underwater tone. It was such a clever and unusual sound that we decided to create an extended piano solo entirely from Randy's trained piano techniques. We've always talked about recording a library of samples of these sounds and more, and this year we finally got there. Renowned for his sensuality and tone, Randy is one of the greatest movie musicians of all time. Although he mainly composes music now, we were able to invite him into the studio to lead this project. Articulation Selector - In the upper right corner there is a drop-down menu for various articulations. There are separate instruments for each articulation. PEDAL VOL : Adjusts the volume of the piano pedal mechanism. By default, this is a gentle pedal action. Click "Hard" for a more aggressive effect. HAMMER VOL : adjusts the volume of hammer strikes. DYNAMIC RANGE : Lower levels increase the volume of softer samples. Higher levels increase the difference between soft and loud samples. Equalizer: Apply 4-band EQ to each perspective of the mix separately. Select a mixing perspective, then adjust the gain and frequency for each band. Keep in mind - resetting the EQ in one mixing perspective does not reset the equalizer in the others. Check other perspectives of the active mix to see if the EQ is active. Mixer: There are 5 mixing perspectives: Full, Close A, Close B, Close C, and Room. The complete mix is ​​a combination of Close C and The Room. Close A, B, and C are different pairs of microphones, each offering a unique texture. Below each mix, you can speed up or delay the playback of the sample by +/- 100ms using the slider from left to right. Each mixer allows left-right swap (LR), phase inversion (Ø), stereo expansion (select Haas or Mid / Side), pan left-right, reverb send (PRE or POST fader), and gain. The mixer also includes a reverb type and return, as well as an attack setting to soften the attack of each note, creating a more kinetic sound. Higher attack values ​​will decrease the volume of the sound.

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