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Samulnori is a type of Korean percussion music that has gained wide popularity over the past few decades, both in Korea and abroad ... The term “samulnori” can be divided into two parts “samul” means “4 things”, and “nori” means to play, ie. play 4 instruments. Usually the Samulnori ensemble consists of 4 main instruments - Puk, Janngu, Jing and K'Kwaenggwari, but there is also a small ensemble consisting of one such instrument and large ensemble of more than 4 instruments. Each of the instruments in the ensemble represents an element of nature, Jing - wind, Janggu - rain, Puk - clouds, and K'kwaenggwari - lightning. PUK is a low-frequency drum in the shape of a barrel with a diameter of about 30 cm, which has a hollow wooden body with leather stretched on each side, which is played with a single beater. It carries the main bass impulse. JING is a gong made of iron. Sometimes the instrument is hung in a holding frame, or held in the hand and hit with a large, soft JANNGU mallet .- an hourglass-shaped drum, each side of which is covered with a different kind of leather. One side produces a high-frequency sound, which is struck with a bamboo cane, the other side produces a deeper sound through a blow with a mallet. K'KWAENGGWARI is a small hand gong held in the left hand and beaten with a small, stiff mallet. Tool about 25 cm across, made of brass. Leads the group, signals transitions in music.

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