DeeQ is a single band dynamic equalizer that automatically adjusts parameters based on the input envelope or external side chain. DeeQ allows you to dynamically adjust frequency, gain, and filter value from either the input audio or an external side chain. You can apply an EQ pre-filter to the detector to only respond to certain frequencies, allowing you to truly control the sound. Using side chain detection, you can dynamically shape audio using another audio channel as the source. For example, you can automatically remove the mids while vocals are playing, or remove the sub bass when the kick kicks. With the addition of mid / side modes, you can dynamically adjust the stereo sound distribution. Set the bass to mono when the kick kicks in, or boost the treble when playing vocals. With DeeQ, you can do everything from small adjustments like creating space in the mix to creative wah-like effects.

Download via Magnet Link (8.3 MB