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Indigisounds - Chutney and Tassa Starter Pack (KONTAKT)

After the abolition of slavery, Indian forced laborers arrived in the Caribbean and brought another culture with them to the melting pot of the West Indies. Chief among the elements they brought with them was their musical identity. East Indian wage laborers came mainly from the Hindustan belt to cultivate sugar plantations mainly in Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname and Guyana. This sample library includes two major musical subgenres that emerged in the history of Creole musical innovation in the West Indies, both of which are the result of the presence of East Indian immigrants in the Caribbean. Chutney music originated from Bhojpuri folk music. Harmonium, dhantal and dholak are used as the main instruments. This traditional chutney sound is a traditional form of original and organic expression of the Indian diaspora in the Caribbean. Chutney melodies and rhythms have evolved over the years to adapt to changes in technique and taste, while moving forward with new traditions in the carnival industry, spawning the Chutney-Sok cross genre. However, Chutney still maintains the frantic rhythms of dholak, combined with melodic rhythms and the soothing hum of a harmonium, as well as traditional melodies and arrangements. You have a library of samples and loops of authentic dholakas, dhantalas and harmoniums in your hands. Vocal samples are also included to help bring atmosphere to your compositions. Tassa drums originated in North and Central India. The main instruments used are the dhol or bass drum, the Caribbean equivalent of the nagara known as the cutter drum, and the Jhanj cymbal. The mesmerizing rhythm of Tassa has become synonymous with celebration on the twin island. The backbone of all traditional Indian weddings and celebrations, Tassa can now be easily adapted to any audio production. Its mesmerizing effect can be applied to any drum ensemble and idea.

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