Hexachords - ORB Producer Suite 3.0.1 VSTi, VSTi 3 (x64)

Orb Producer Suite is an AI-based music idea generator.
The Orb Producer Suite (or OPS) is a set of four plug-ins that use artificial intelligence to generate musical ideas at the touch of a button.
Designed by Hexachords with composers and producers in mind, OPS makes it quick and easy to create musical ideas and is customizable enough to dive deep into the AI ​​generation and edit it to your liking while maintaining a simple and fast workflow.
Additional Information:

OPS just generates ideas by accident? Yes and no. You can randomly generate ideas with the click of a button. However, you can also choose from a variety of preset chord progressions and, using various options, control how the AI ​​works within certain limits. For example, you can tell the AI ​​that you want the music to be densely packed, sparse, high, low, complex, and fine-tune those settings to suit your track's needs. This makes it easy and quick to fill in gaps in your own creations, effectively shortening the process.

Orb Chords
Get chords instantly! This is the main plugin of the package. Chords gives you the power of harmony, including chord movements, time signatures, measures, scales, and more. Just add a chord progression and tune it exactly!

Orb Melody
Try the artificial intelligence ringtone maker! Ringtone maker plugin gives you unlimited ideas for ringtones. It also provides useful controls and options to get the perfect tune for your music! Get Ringtones Now!

Orb Bass
The perfect bass line generator. The Bass module analyzes all harmony and suggests the best bass parts for your song. Do you have a bassist friend now????

Orb Arpeggios
is an easy to use module that provides cool arpeggios with lots of parameters for advanced users looking for a sophisticated arpeggio system.

Hexachords - ORB Producer Suite 3.0.1 VSTi, VSTi 3 (x64)
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