ACID Pro is the latest version of the popular product from Magix (ex Sony Creative Software), designed to create original professional quality music. ACID Pro creates compositions using looping musical segments. The program includes an extensive collection of looped pieces of music in various genres. ACID Pro supports 24-bit audio recording at 192 kHz, the number of channels is not limited. The package includes a rich set of tools and templates, allowing you to fully reflect your ideas in musical sound.

Additional Information:
ACID Pro allows professional recording of multichannel audio and comprehensive MIDI support (the program allows you to view and edit MIDI files, and the MIDI file editor allows you to draw notes and greatly simplifies work with them. In addition, the timeline stretch function allows the user to play MIDI files in any pace).
The mixing and editing function, thanks to new parameter adjustment tools, allows the user to use a wide variety of effects: fade-in resonances, fade-out effects, and even create their own audio effects.
ACID Pro is more than just a production tool and that is why it is able not only to realize the user's creative ideas, but even to inspire them.

Download via Magnet Link (12.17 GB