Audio DSP - Sonnoxplugins Oxford, consisting of: Sonnoxplugins Oxford Elite Collection Native 1.0 Dynamics 1.5.2 - dynamic processor including compressor, gate, expander, limiter, saturator, internal side-chain block. EQ 1.8.1 - 5-band parametric equalizer with low-cut and high-cut filters. Inflator 1.7.1 - clipper-limiter. Limiter 1.3.3 - compressor-limiter. Reverb 1.2.1 is an algorithmic reverb with flexible settings for early and late reflections, which has a phase modulation function in the late reflections block, which creates "live" tails. SuprEsser 1.2.1 - de-esser without delay. SuprEsser LL 1.2.1 is a deessor with low latency linear phase filters. SuprEsser HR 1.2.1 - deessor with long delay linear phase filters. TransMod 1.5.1 - transient processor. Sonnoxplugins Oxford Restore Suite Native 1.0 - restoration filters De-Buzzer 1.1.0 - elimination of a stationary tone and its harmonics, such as 50 Hz power frequency. De-Clicker 1.1.0 - removal of pops, clicks, crackle artifacts. De-Noiser 1.1.0 is a denoiser with noise profile learning.

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