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WavePurity Pro v 7.95

The program for the restoration of vinyl records and records on magnetic tape. Built-in digital filters remove disturbing crackles, noise and restore music quality to nearly CD-level quality. According to the test results, it was revealed that WavePurity shows good restoration results both in the case of working with the default settings, and in the event that all the necessary settings are set manually. This application displays all changes in real time, so it is easy for the user to understand what effect the application of this or that effect will have on the final composition. The resulting result can be immediately burned to CD from the program itself.

Additional Information:
playback, recording from any source up to 192 KHz + ASIO, processing with a large set of original filters, for the restoration of digitized magnetic cassettes or vinyl records, if available on a PC NERO, writes directly to disk. Good visualization in real time, which gives an excellent opportunity to evaluate the path of the AUDIO track.
When installing plugins, the ability to work with many formats is added.

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