Welcome to the New Generation!
Infinite Brass is a collection of next-generation virtual brass instruments that let you play any part exactly as it sounds in your head - right on the keyboard without switching keys - and recreate your performance with fantastic, clear, modern sound in one of the 3 different spaces.
Create your own ensemble with 29 individual instruments and 13 different sounds. Whether you prefer a more centered sound for live performances or a wide sound
for film dubbing, the 58 positions allow you to create any layout you desire. Infinite Brass comes with 3 standard rooms: warm Mozarteum, pompous Bersa Hall
and dry studio. Atmosphere is created in real time through convolution using individual impulse responses unique to each position and room, so atmosphere is always 100% representative of performance. Phase-aligned samples don't feel like crossfading between layers; the response is smooth, musical and sounds like the real thing.

Additional Information:
Infinite Brass boasts one of the widest wind instrument ranges on the market and a consistent ppp to fff dynamic range across all instruments. All instruments have playable vibrato, flutter and growl, even all three at the same time.

Infinite Brass has been chromatically sampled at 48kHz/24bit. Despite all the features listed, these tools are among the lightest you'll ever use, at only 14.0GB using only ~50MB of RAM per tool.

Download via Magnet Link (14.04GB