Sound of Shadows We've always loved the way the jazz scores of films sound. The orchestral approach to jazz harmony has a romantic flavor that is compelling and easily stood the test of time. We just miss the string passages, the sound of the mute harmony of the trumpet, the saxophone section, the flugelhorn and the trombones with horns. Over the years, we have felt the urge to create a product that embraces this style of music, and now we have: Noir is our first step towards what we hope will be the new line in the Sonokinetic range. As always, we added some changes to our existing engine, but in this case it was more like a rewrite. For those familiar with our other orchestral libraries, Noir is different! Due to the nature of the musical content, we decided to deviate from our usual four high-mid-low presets and go further in the spirit of atonal Espressivo, with 12 preset keys, each containing one performance. This makes it even easier to combine different presets and experiment with intertwining melodies and harmonies for a more horizontal composing process. Have thought a lot about how to translate this concept into a user-friendly interface, In Noir, we've put all three recorded orchestral sections into one instrument section, making it very easy to combine different instrument groups, and of course we have a robust randomization button that feeds up to twelve fresh phrases with each press.

Sonokinetic - Noir (KONTAKT)
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