AetherArp is a 4 Sound Engines and Cloud Arpeggiator library for Kontakt 5.8.1 that creates evolving soundscapes, overtime mutating sounds as well as ethereal / offbeat moods that add movement and unpredictability to your surrounding products and films. Optional : 2 main layers of sound, plus 2 layers of flicker 30 multisampled sound sources for each layer 150+ Snasphots presets Less than 4 GB (NCW compressed) Endless sound combinations Evolving, unpredictable soundscapes 4 Convolvers with 200+ response pulses in 10 categories Pre- and post-convolver distortion effects, chorus effect Delay and reverb wizard Cloud arpeggiator with random parameters Random generation of new sounds and cloud arpeggios Undo last randomization

Audiofier - AetherArp (KONTAKT)
Magnet Link File Size 3.11 GB