Cinematic Futuristic Effects Transfer is a collection of futuristic sound effects. It includes massive cinematic beats, high-tech explosions, adrenaline rush linking transitions and whistles, material morphs, robotic stutters, and stellar cosmic atmospheres. This sound library speaks of detail and complexity, conjuring up the imagination of bio-robotic droid mutations, particle swirls, dematerialization objects, high-tech engine shutdowns, and pushes the boundaries of futuristic sound design. The dynamic and movement-oriented nature of the sounds makes them versatile and equally suitable for composition, post-production and game sound, adding a truly unmistakable sound identity to your projects. All sounds in Transfer were created from sophisticated design methods (spectral processing, resynthesis of granules, etc.) used to record ordinary objects and synthetic sounds.

Silence + Other Sounds - Transfer Sound Pro (KONTAKT)
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