Ultra-game cinematic taiko drums with a special emphasis on fast playing and organic timeless sound. Also includes a variety of taiko-based percussion ensembles to expand your sound palette. For many years, Japanese Taiko has been a consistently racy soundtrack on soundtracks and music around the world. Applying our sampling philosophy to the various instruments of the Taiko family has produced some very organic and fresh sound that, when combined with our X3M percussion engine, is just plain fun to play. One of our main goals was to get consistent RRs with as many playing techniques as possible, allowing you to write fast, yet smooth and realistic-sounding percussion arrangements. To achieve this, we meticulously edited every single sample of our 10 RRs and performed as many repetitions as necessary after rigorously testing the articulations in the actual composition context. In addition to this, another important goal for us was to expand the sound palette of the Taiko sound by adding other instruments that improve, but do not change the aesthetics of the main sound too much. Therefore, TAIKOS X3M not only consists of the same sound material that we have all heard countless times before, but contains new, yet unheard-of instrument combinations, bringing your percussion arrangements to life. Recordings took place in Sofia Session Studio, where we also recorded previous X3M libraries

Strezov Sampling - Taikos X3M (KONTAKT)
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