AVALANCHE BASS is a comprehensively sampled virtual bass instrument compatible with full versions of Kontakt 5.5 In this library, as in our second work in the area of ​​sampled bass, we have honed our focus on impeccable sound quality and lightweight functionality. The process was a real challenge, each sample was carefully sliced ​​and hand-edited to ensure only the best possible quality. Result? The bass sound that has become the gold standard for modern metal. DI (Direct In)- absolutely pure bass guitar signal; polished and ready for processing. Run it through plugins or hardware as if you were using a real bass and mix as you please. PRO (Processed) uses a proprietary Buster sound with separate mixing knobs for the Sub, Clean and Grit channels. Take a fully realized bass and tune it to your mix, or load it into a natural tone songwriting project template with the click of a button.

Impact Studios - The Avalanche Bass (DI + PRO) (KONTAKT)
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