Venkatt is a 20 x 4 layer ambient machine, your next favorite tool for your multimedia production. Four-layer sounds: Venkatt offers 4 sound layers with unique characteristics: Attack layer includes only transient sounds. The Sustain layer contains only sounds without attack. When you combine these two layers, you are effectively combining two different instrument characteristics and creating a new sound. Imagine a sound with a zither attack and a voice body. Pair this with 20 reversed sounds and 20 sequenced sounds from the Reverse and Rhythmic layers, and you have rich, evolving, unique patches In just 1 click ... : This feature makes it incredibly easy and fast to create new sounds. Choose which parameters will be included in the Venkat sound generation process, creating exciting new sound combinations each time. It is also possible to undo the last randomization and go back to the previous one. Structured sequencer : The fourth layer offers a sequencer with special functions. The dry and processed sound of the Convolver effect will be controlled by Venkatt to create interesting rhythmic sound changes. The sequencer can be set to Loop mode so that playback continues until a key is pressed, or NoLoop mode to play the sound just once for creative repetition. Up to 20 sounds per layer : Can your computer handle the power of Venkatt? All 20 sounds per layer can be selected and played simultaneously! Over 200 Presets : Explore a world of unique sounds with our specially selected presets that showcase the potential of Venkatt. Edit them to your liking and make them your own. Super streamlined interface : All options are located on one page of the interface. No hidden menus or tabs. All the controls you need are at your fingertips.

Audiofier - VenKatt (KONTAKT)
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