Many people think that Sonokinetic's signature sound is grand and stately as we fill our recording space with many talented players and layered phrases in our custom Kontakt engines. However, it can sometimes be great to gain traction for a more personal feel, and that's exactly what we do with Indie. The style of these intimate ensemble phrases has its origins in contemporary television drama, boutique film, and independent video games with a nude and personal sound. Recording small versions of our strings and brass ensembles was not enough this time, so we also supplemented them with a huge selection of melodic percussion phrases. For the first time, string quartet phrases are included, perfect for layering with other ensembles to bring focus back to your compositions. The overall emphasis is on the lightest touches, from exquisite violin duets and solo clarinet to glissandi harp and softly played hammers. The melodic drum kit deserves special mention, as we tried to capture all the subtlety and wonder of these instruments, including the rarely sampled concert cymbal, an instrument similar to cymbals with a unique sound. The dreamy melodic textures that we composed for Indie were exquisitely performed by our performers in the same space as other ensembles. Marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone, crotals, piano, celeste and concert harp bring an intense personal experience to the entire collection.

Sonokinetic - Indie (KONTAKT)
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