The heart of the Rhythmic Revolution revolves around two different worlds of sounds. The traditional world of drums and percussion as we know it, and the unconventional world of non-standard instruments and extreme sound. All of them are meticulously crafted by Professor Mario Bajardi using the KYMA system with a custom DSP signal chain designed for the library. Rhythmic Revolution contains a brand new Quadro-Engine with four parallel modular systems. Each module has its own sample pool, its own effects systems, and its own pulse convolutions. This means that you have four independent sets of samples, monetary systems, and convolutions that you can freely mix or randomize together. Plus, it contains over 300 handcrafted texture convolutions that create a texture delay to the rhythmic revolution. The library also comes with a full reverse option, so you can undo whatever you want with one click. We've also added our latest Chaos FX 3.3 and the all-new Panorama architecture, which allows you to individually adjust and pan each sample layer. Rhythmic Revolution contains over 15GB of content (compressed to 7.1GB) created by Professor Mario Bajardi using a very sophisticated chain of settings, including the complete KYMA system and the ability to physically draw waveforms in real time. What's inside : - + 14.9 GB (compressed to 7.1 GB) of brand new content - Advanced Quadro-Engine with 4 parallel convolution systems - Rhythms with drums, percussion and ethnic percussion - Rhythms with plants, air and body percussion - Rhythms with metal objects, water and plastic - +4.000 organic rhythm samples - Instant sampler and effects randomizer - Instant frontal effects

8Dio - Rhythmic Revolution (KONTAKT)
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