Bringing majestic melodies to your compositions Ever since we started our phrasal odyssey, we've been eager to capture something: The slow and majestic sound of string melodies, woodwind chord ensembles, and flowing wind lines have been on our wishlist for years. Now we present "Largo", where we have finally created a set of performances that are typical of classic and historical films. The emphasis here is on strong thematic writing with fluid yet dramatic transitions between notes. In musical terminology, "Largo" literally means "slow" and we took that at face value when we asked our orchestra to perform at a stately 75 BPM tempo. This does not mean that these phrases can only be used for dark compositions, since the engine adjusts the playback of the phrase to any speed of the project. With Largo, we have always remembered versatility. This means legato, portamento, staccato and staccatissimo styles have been captured, as well as harmonics, glissandos and many other techniques that cannot be realistically reproduced using traditional multi-sample orchestral libraries. Largo covers many bases with clean-cut performances available in all root notes.

Sonokinetic - Largo (KONTAKT)
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