Welcome to Ambient Soundware - a great collection of kinetic ambient atmospheres, pads, arpeggios, textures and chords with a strong emphasis on atmospheric and harmonic content. The library is divided into five categories dedicated to creating lush soundscapes and harmonic foundations that you can expand into more complex compositions by adding drums, bass, vocals, or any other kind of melodies.
The quality of the sounds, combined with their rich harmonic and timbre content, make this library an excellent source of sound material to lay the foundation for more complex tracks, as well as to complement pre-existing compositions that need a little detail. In addition, you can use the library to easily create subtle yet sophisticated backdrops for modern cinematic soundtracks or EDM.

Additional Information:
•600 Acidized WAV files
•600 AIFF Apple Loops
•337 Kontakt Instruments
•337 EXS24 Instruments
•337 HALion Instruments
•337 NN-XT Instruments

Download via Magnet Link (5.95GB