An incredible tool for creating beautiful evolving cinematic guitars. Zero-G Impromptu Electric Guitars is a cinematic instrument with 21 patches and over 8GB of samples. IEG is dedicated to creating sophisticated guitar soundscapes that evolve. Three exceptional guitars (including an electric baritone) were sampled in great detail at 48 kHz / 24 bit using condenser and ribbon mics and processed with a wide variety of guitar pedals. The heart of the IEG is the Impromptu Engine; a system that uses loops of impromptu, unsynchronized chunks in combination with a granular synthesizer. We've recorded impromptu performances in three different intensity layers that you can switch between using the center knob that is assigned to the mod wheel by default. Playing a note with the mod wheel fully lowered will cause a rare impromptu loop at that pitch; start moving the wheel up to gradually move to the middle and finally to the denser layer.

Download via Magnet Link (6.94 GB