Virtual guitar simulator amplifier Designed for the Metal style. Designed from the ground up to give you a great tone right from the start and put the power of the Metal Gods into you. Dominator comes with the tools you need to find your perfect sound. Experiment with 10 stands, 2 channels and 4 carefully selected fully adjustable guitar cabinets, or use your own, the Dominator also features a built-in pulse loader. The Dominator is our most organic amp, you can hear and feel it the moment you touch a guitar string, and the cabinets will make you feel like most IRs are boring and lifeless by comparison. Using Dominator is similar to working with a real installation, except that you don't need to install anything. The Dominator Dual Pedal is great for both songwriting and playing live, save time and jot down your ideas!

Download via Magnet Link (219.3 MB