A music data monitor for the modern musician. What It Is: A fully featured MIDI monitor and information center including a robust selection of utilities. How to use: Use In Key mode to transmit MIDI data only at the selected scale. Why It's Cool: A centralized music information center that allows you to translate sheet music data between multiple instruments, including the ability to automatically adjust your playing pitch-wise. Reverb Exclusive | Audioutlaw - MIDI Input Assistant The Musical Monitor for Today's Musicians - The MIDI Input Assistant (MIA) is a full-featured MIDI Monitor and Information Center with a generously efficient selection of real-time data displays. Featuring a piano keyboard, guitar fretboard, Virtual Ableton Click and Score notation displays, MIA also includes an interactive circle of 5th and Hertz conversion charts. This distinctive music utility uses the prominent Heads-Up-Display, which while illuminating in real time the incoming music data, can also adjust its playing to the selected root key, and / or modal scale.

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