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Boz Digital Labs - Bundle VST, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE x86 x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

Little Clipper, a smaller version of his older brother (Big Clipper). Clipping is one of the most overlooked processes in mixing. When used correctly, it can make mixing easier. Things will just fall into place better and the dynamics stay in check. As with all effects, however, it is easy to overdo it. The Little Clipper makes it easy to dial in clear meters that show you how much clipping is taking place and all the necessary functions that allow you to dial in your clipping just the right amount. Ingredient : Big Clipper.v1.1.0 Pan Knob.v1.0.1 ProVocative.v1.0.6 Little Clipper 1.0.0 L8R 1.0.3 The Wall 1.0.6 Big Beautiful Door 1.0.5 Gatey Watey 1.0.3 Hoser 1.1.0 HoserXT 1.1.0 Plus 10 db Compressor 1.1.0 Plus 10 db Equaliser 1.1.0 Plus 10 db 1.1.0 Transgressor 1.0 .6 JST SideWidener CM 1.0 Bark Of Dog 1.2.1 Imperial Delay 1.5.8 Little Foot 1.1.4 Manic Compressor 1.0.3 Mongoose 1.1.1 Panipulator 2.0.1 Panther Stereo Manipulation 1.1.4 Sasquatch 1.2.0 T-Bone 1.5. 2 Width.Knob 1.0.0

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